The Rise of Chocolate Lava

There once lived a brilliant French chef in New York City. He created what he referred to as “simple cuisine,” but what was really spectacular classical French cooking that people all over the world applauded. He won accolades from top food critics, celebrities and the Michelin Star decision makers. One of his signature creations, originally a mistake, was the most decadent, sinful chocolate dessert that I’ve ever had: chocolate lava cake. 

Usually topped with a hefty sprinkling of powdery sugar, lava cakes aka molten cakes are often baked in 6 oz ramekins. These individual cakes come out of the oven extra cute. When you dig into the center…

The puffy, souflee-ish little cloud of chocolate loses its innocence and all of its secrets come oozing out. The rich, phenomenal flavor is unique. The texture is luscious. I’ve had it from the master chef himself Jean Georges in NYC during a birthday dinner—and at other restaurants a countless number of times—and thoroughly enjoyed it. 

I made the following chocolate lava cake recipe for my son and the rest of my chocoholic family. Although it was too “dark chocolate” for my LO, he ate most of it without provocation. Next time I’ll add a bit of almond milk or cream substitute to the chocolate. My sister, who’s been in love with chocolate since she was a toddler, loved it. Mom, who used to pay for and keep our fundraiser chocolate for herself, said the chocolate lava cake was a bit too rich for her but ate all of it as well.

I loved it too… the soft, spongey outer cake. The rich frosting-like center. The taste of really pure chocolate. I love the bitter undertones of real dark chocolate. Not many additives. I made it twice. The first batch was a little over and not as runny as I like them to be, but the second try was just right and all it took was to watch the baking time and take them out at 6 minutes exactly. The baking time depends on the size of the ramekins. 

Without further ado here’s an easy recipe for one of the best French desserts ever! Hope you enjoy it.

Chocolate Lava Cake Recipe 

½ cup butter, unsalted 
6 oz unsweetened chocolate
2 eggs 
2 egg yolks 
¼ cup sugar 
1 tsp angostura bitters (optional)
1 pinch salt 
2 tbs flour

1. Preheat oven to 450 degrees. Butter and flour ramekins.
2. Melt butter with chocolate over a double broiler or in a microwave. Whisk until smooth and lump-free.
3. Preferably with an electric mixer, blend eggs, egg yolks, sugar, angostura bitters, and salt until thick and lemon-yellow pale.
4. Add melted chocolate and butter combo to egg mixture. Pour the batter into four ramekins and bake for about eight minutes. The baking time is dependent on the oven and the size of the ramekins. Tip: If the ramekins are smaller than 6 ounces, then a shorter baking time might work better.
5. Let the cakes cool in the ramekins for a minute before covering each with a dessert plate. Turn each one over, let stand for 10 seconds and then unmold. Top them off with powdered sugar and the most perfect chocolate cake is ready to enjoy.

17 thoughts on “The Rise of Chocolate Lava

  1. DC/Seasons of Parenting

    This elegant recipe perfectly matches your elegant story. I’ll make your soon. (Interesting: bitters. I’ll try it!) Here’s my much less elegant story! 🙂 One summer on vacation in a beautiful lakeside very vintage housekeeping cottage at least 20 years ago, I stirred up a dark chocolate cake to cook in the crock pot while our family was out enjoying the water and woods. I’d planned it as a special occasion and purchased a small jar of instant espresso just for that recipe. When we finished our supper, I opened the crock pot, pushed my large silver serving spoon into the fragrant mix, and found it was completely uncooked in the middle! ~ But no, it was piping hot, just not set, and truly wonderful. A “lava cake” quite by accident that I make now with fond memories.

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  2. maristravels

    Off to check to see if I have enough good chocolate to make this dish which sounds so decadent it just has to be good. Thanks for following and I look forward to reading more of your recipes. I live in S.E. England but can pop acoss to France quite often and enjoy their food. I’ve never found many good desserts in that country but their main dishes are usually, superb.

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  3. Oh, the Places We See

    I’m a sucker for anything chocolate, and this recipe looks and sounds yummy. Thanks for the picture and the recipe — what fun to try something new.

    Also, thanks for following our travel blog, Oh, the Places We See. We’re in the midst of a fall road trip right now, and we hope you’ll join us. Wishing you all the best — stay safe.

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    1. Michelle Post author

      Ooo… I love fresh fall air. Can’t wait to read what you’re up to. I like the name of your blog a lot. Thanks for the compliment on my Chocolate lava recipe. Seems there are more chocoholics out there than I thought.



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