Five Reasons to Fall for Carrots, Again

Lately, I’ve been craving carrots. They’re something I generally don’t crave or even think about, unless I’m having a dire, need-to-lose-five-pounds moment. (I have a carrot and celery temporary weight loss trick that works every time.) It’s surprising to me, that in the last two years, the healthiness and taste of carrots have been up for debate. Here are six reasons why I haven’t lost faith in one of the most underrated and versatile veggies of our time. 

1. It’s pure joy to watch and engineer the transformation of carrots into cakes, soufflés, fritters, salads and any other edible. There are so many fun ways to prepare them. 

Like at Olmsted, the carrot crepe that I woofed down in about five minutes was spectacular. Filled with other veggies and tiny seafood, it was a thing to be remembered and cherished. It was honestly one of the top seven dishes at a resto that I’ve ever eaten in my life. 

Or, like this carrot soup recipe, try it with or without the topping of caramelized onions, homemade bacon bits and scallions, for a creamy and satisfying start to a special occasion meal at home. Perfect for a birthday, anniversary or girlfriends’ brunch.

2. Carrot juice still gives the body a natural and powerful energy boost and a ravishing glow. 

3. The nutritional value of carrots—vitamins A, K, and C, calcium, beta carotene and fiber—promotes overall health and fights disease.

4. As they are one-third of a major French cuisine fundamental, the mirepoix (carrots, celery and onions), carrots have been a mainstay in fine and casual dining for centuries across the globe. Why give up on them now?  

5. They taste divine when you roast them with onions, garlic, fresh herbs and the protein of your choice. The smell that emanates when carrots are roasting is the ultimate ingredient that makes a home feel like a home. 

17 thoughts on “Five Reasons to Fall for Carrots, Again

  1. Ellen Hawley

    Years ago, I had some carrots that were cooked in vinegar (or so I was told). They were sweet but not in the way that sugared carrots are–it was a milder, more natural flavor. I tried for years to recreate them and never managed–they just turn out vinegary. But, in spite of my failings, I agree, they are wonderful.

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    1. Michelle Post author

      I love cooking with vinegar and I love carrots. To get that sweet but not sugary flavor, I might try using a little less vinegar, a pinch of salt, pinch of brown sugar (or your favorite sweetener) and slow cooking in the oven for an hour or more at a low temp. Slow cooking root veggies brings out a deep, savory almost sweet flavor that most people like. Plus, it smells phenomenal while cooking. Hope this helps.

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  2. DFV Queen

    I love most vegetables, but the only time I enjoy eating carrots is grated and uncooked in a smoothie or drink definitely not roasted I find it a bit too sweet! Although I had some yesterday and actually enjoyed it maybe because they were really long and skinny and less sugary-sweet.. Great post thanks for sharing.

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