Crazy for Crepes

Senegalese-French cafe, Le Paris Dakar quietly snuck into its hallway-sized space just around the corner from my house. Since it opened in 2012, I couldn’t imagine my ever-changing Bedford-Stuyvesant neighborhood without it.

This cute, clean and comfy environment sets the bar high for other small eatery newcomers. Once it was noticed with virtually no promotion or marketing, the area’s people began to ask Le Paris Dakar, “Who are you?” In a short while, it answered the question by consistently providing friendly service and great food—mainly delicious, crispy edge, made to order crepes—in a region of Brooklyn that’s never seen anything like it but now  demands that it stays forever.

So with its initial success, its more spacious sister cafe, Le Paris Dakar 2, opened last Summer on nearby Fulton Street. The second cafe is complete with an urban oasis backyard garden, while the interior holds true to its original location’s unique, homage to Africa, brown and beautiful decor. In addition to becoming a staple in satisfying my cravings for savory and sweet crepes, Le Paris Dakar 2 is just what the freelance doctor ordered, as it fulfills the need for a quiet—but not too quiet—place to think, write and snack.

If you find yourself with a sweet tooth at either Le Paris Dakar location, consider the beautiful and sometimes Eiffel Tower-decorated chocolate crepe. It’s crispy, sweet and perfect with a good quality chocolate filling. A nice dessert or breakfast option!

For a savory breakfast or brunch, my favorite is the turkey, egg, cheese and onion crepe. It’s so good that I almost always get this dish. I also enjoy trying the fresh pastries and cookies that are displayed in the front of the cafe.

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